CRESS provides scientifically-informed advice, expertise and technical support to individuals and organisations charged with the management and improvement of the riverine environment. This can be used for:


Environmental and ecological monitoring of rivers and river activities as required by statutory authorities

CRESS has the capability to design, install and monitor environmental quality with reference to river flows, water quality, sediment runoff, fish, aquatic plants and macroinvertebrates.



Examples of related specific services:


Planning and licencing applications (e.g. CAR)

Current legislation now requires all river works to be undertaken according to best practices. CRESS knowledge combined with the specific activities we undertake can be used to assist with providing information and advise required for applications such as the Controlled Activities Regulation (CAR) 2005.



Examples of related specific services:

Improve the understanding and mitigation of river problems

CRESS can provide advise and understanding on bank erosion, flooding and ecological aspects of river-related activities. In the case of bank erosion and flooding, there is a need to understand the basic cause before considering expensive remedial work.



Examples of related specific services:


Environmentally focussed design of River diversions and River Restoration projects

CRESS can provide assistance with river diversions and river restoration design. Our scientific understanding of geomorphology and ecology and knowledge of best practice methods can be used to help design channels that will be remain in geomorphic equilibrium with the flow and sediment transport regimes and provide optimum physical habitat for plants and animals (click here to see an example).

In this regard, we work together with the UK River Restoration Centre.


Training groups of individuals with particular requirements for knowledge in river science and management

CRESS will provide one –off or annual training courses, in the field of fluvial geomorphology, aquatic ecology or environmentally sound river management. The traing course can be put on for an organisation with a significant number of individuals with the same training requirements (click here to see and example).